Happy Landings for Frankfurt, now known as Jackson! Adoption follow up.
When my friend and fellow Satchel’s volunteer Pam told me about this new pup at Satchel’s that had been left in a carrier outside someone’s house, I could not wait to meet him. I had been on the lookout for a companion for my pup Ozzy and although there had been some possibilities, nothing had worked out yet. When I met Frankfurt (now Jackson), I fell in love, and we bonded quickly. I think I knew he was the one when I took him to one of our Lowe’s off-site events and saw how confident he was meeting new people and even other dogs.
The next step was to set up a meet and greet with Ozzy at Urfer Park which went well so we came to my house to continue the getting to know each other process. That was December 17th and Jackson never returned to Satchel’s.
He is a wonderful companion not only for Ozzy but also for our family. He is loving and sweet and silly with a touch (ok, maybe a lot!) of mischief mixed in. I sometimes laugh so hard I cry watching Jackson and Ozzy play in the yard. They have become great friends, and our little pack feels complete now. We are thrilled that Jackson joined our family!