Zoey, now known as Clementine, was the last of the litter of seven kittens to be adopted, as she needed to gain a little more weight before leaving her foster home. One of Sharon’s French Bulldogs, Eloise, had passed away last summer and Juliette, her other Frenchie was feeling lonely. Sharon has had many rescue cats over the years and when she saw this beautiful petite calico kitten on line, she decided a kitten might be a great companion for Juliette. Juliette has taken Clementine under her wing and is very gentle with her. Truman, the Frenchie puppy is a little more boisterous in his play, so for now they make sure that Clementine has her own space from Truman. Clementine adores the water. She loves to play in her water bowl and waits up by the sink when she sees Sharon getting ready to turn on the water. Sharon calls Clementine a “little dream” and when reflecting on how she came to adopt this petite kitty she said, “They always seem to find me when they need me!”