Happy Landings for Xena

Alyssa’s senior dog had passed last year and she wanted to adopt another pet to keep Posie, her other senior dog company. She was considering rescuing a cat and was scrolling through the photos on Satchel’s website when she came across Xena and her story. Alyssa is a vet tech and had always been interested in Neurology. In fact she had helped rehabilitate a kitten with neurologic issues who had been a patient where she works. She said that it was fascinating and she loved the entire process of helping this kitten. Alyssa had also worked at Satchel’s in the past and had learned a lot about rescue dogs and their different behaviors. When she met Xena, Alyssa fell for her and knew she would be able to help her with her special needs. She fostered Xena for awhile and was thrilled when Xena was able to join her family for good. Xena is loving life with Alyssa and her canine sibling, Posie. She rides in her stroller if they take a long walk through the neighborhood. They also spend time at the neighborhood park where Xena uses her wheelchair or lies on her blanket with her toys. Alyssa says that Xena is very attentive; responds to corrections and loves interacting with her. Alyssa takes Xena to her Mom’s house for swimming and therapeutic exercises recommended by her veterinarian and Xena and Posie are able to go to work with Alyssa. Xena has made amazing progress since her journey first began at Satchel’s. Her progress continues to improve each and every day with the love and hard work that Alyssa dedicates to sweet Xena. A match made in Heaven!