Adina’s dogs had crossed the rainbow bridge a while back and she missed having a dog very much. She was searching on line and saw on social media that Tobi would be attending future events. She eventually was able to meet Tobi at the Black Dog adoption event and it was love at first sight. Adina filled out an application immediately only to find out she was second on the list. But as often happens, the other potential adopter changed her mind and Adina was thrilled that Tobi would be joining her family. Now known as Sunny Bear, Adina says that he has adjusted well and is a ball of energy; loving his toys and playing fetch. Adina works full time, but lucky for Sunny Bear, Adina’s parents are retired and Sunny Bear spends his days with them while she is at work; enjoying a fabulous time with his adoring grandparents. Adina says that he has been a dream come true and has brought much happiness to her. Sunny Bear is surrounded by love; is a blessing to Adina and her family and she wishes to express her appreciation and thanks to Satchel’s for everything they do!
Tobi sitting in a booster seat in the car. Tobi laid on the floor looking at the camera. Tobi laid on a chair looking at the camera. Tobi snuggling his mom.