Happy Landings for Snausage (now known as Winston Frankfurt)! Adoption follow up! An adopter’s story.
“One day I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across Satchel’s post about Snausage. I immediately took a screenshot and sent it to my husband. We both agreed that we needed to add him to our pack! That night I reached out to Satchel’s to set up our meet and greet with our other three pups, two of which are Satchel’s alumni, and the rest is history.
Snausage is now Winston Frankfurt! He came to us “without pants” (fur on his back end), and has since grown the most beautiful, red pants/fur you’ve ever seen. He loves lying on his back, lounging in the sun, snuggling with his humans & fur-siblings and eating treats. He has the bark of a huge dog and the personality of a distinguished gentleman.
We lovingly call him Winny. We are so happy to have him!”
Another perfect match with one of our past adopters!