Eileen’s two cats had both passed away within six months of each other and she was not ready to adopt so shortly thereafter, she went to Pet Supermarket to donate her supply of cat food and happened to see Shadow in the adoption area. Although Eileen was not considering adoption, she decided to spend time sitting with Shadow to comfort herself with some feline love and affection. It did her such a world of good that she went back the following day to enjoy his companionship and thereafter began visiting him every day. That lasted only for about one week before Eileen knew she was ready to give sweet Shadow a forever home. He is loving life with Eileen and she says he is quite the talker when he is hungry or when he wants to play, delighting in his laser toy. Eileen also has a stuffed gnome collection and Shadow loves to take them and submerge them in his water fountain! He is getting lots of stimulating play time and loves to snuggle up with Eileen at night before bedtime. She says that after the lights go out, Shadow chooses to cozy down into his very own large comfy bed to stretch out his beautiful long legs. Another very happy cat and loving family to call his own!
Shadow playing with a toy on the floor. Shadow laying on his bed, looking at the camera.