Happy Landings for Mulligan. Adoption follow up.

Jen and her family have a small dog who doesn’t like to be petted or cuddle and felt that a cat would be nice to have so they could cuddle with a pet. Jen saw Mulligan on Satchel’s FB page and reached out to Karen to ask about him. Jen and her family were looking for a mellow cat and Karen suggested 9 yr. old Mulligan. Mulligan who had been in two different homes was initially very skittish and hid in their bedroom for the first few months. He sometimes hid in the closet and only came out to eat. But eventually he gained his confidence and ventured out more and more. Now he has a favorite spot on a bench in the lanai where he can look out at the birds congregating at the bird feeder, and where he can take long naps in the sun. His favorite activity is walking over his Mom and Dad at night in bed and cuddling up for a good pet. Sweet Mulligan is so lucky to have finally found his forever home with this patient and loving family!