Happy Landings for Marzipan (now Apollo).

Susan had been looking for a cat for several months. Her 18 yr old cat had passed and her son took their other cat when he moved. Their two dogs, Nelson and Pebbles, had gotten along great with the previous cats and she felt that a kitten would adjust easily to the dogs. She was looking for a social cat and one that would shed less. She knew that Siamese cats tend to have those characteristics and when she saw Marzipan’s beautiful photo she couldn’t wait to meet him. Now known as Apollo, he is getting along fantastic with Nelson and Pebbles and loves to join them on the bed. His favorite activity is playing peekaboo and jumping out of his little house to see who he might pounce on. Her friends have brought lots of cat toys for him to enjoy and Susan says that Apollo is an adorably fun kitten!
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Marzipan posing on the bed Marzipan with her head popping out of a basket Marzipan on the bed with her feline and canine siblings