Happy Landings for Marina!

I recently moved into my own apartment but I was not able to take my dog that was living with me at my parents house. She required lots of space and had some behavioral concerns that made me anxious to take her into an apartment setting. Fortunately my parents agreed to keep her for me! I initially went to a different rescue organization to meet a dog but I just didn’t feel a connection. My mom and my brother kept telling me to check out Satchel’s and my mom sent me a link to Marina. After a little bit of convincing I set up an appointment to meet Marina. She was kept in a quiet area at Satchels and was very shy at first. She would not let people go near her and she would run to the other side of the fenced in area. I wanted to keep trying and I felt that I could get her to warm up to me. After going home and thinking about it I decided to go see her again and possibly adopt her. The second visit went well and Marina recognized me and allowed me to pet her. Once we got home she wouldn’t get on the couch or the bed and wouldn’t let me rub her belly. Flash forward to now and she’s friendly with everyone we see on our walks around the community. She always wants to play with the other dogs and never barks, growls, or whines! She is prey reactive if she sees a squirrel, so we are currently working on her leash training and getting her used to wearing a harness. One of her favorite things is to stop and smell the flowers on our walks. Her favorite toys are her hide and seek hedgehogs and her giant purple dinosaur. She also enjoys going to visit her grandparents. When I’m not home she will stand in front of my tall mirror and watch herself hop around like a bunny. It’s the cutest thing to watch on my cameras. Other times she will get on my bed and sleep right in the middle. She is the biggest snuggle buddy and at night she crawls under my blankets and snuggles up next to me. Marina and I are best friends and she has made my life so much better and brighter!