Virginia and Jack’s dog had passed away and they were ready to consider adopting. They had been looking at various rescue organizations online and had been referred to Satchel’s by a volunteer. Although they were not specifically looking for a puppy when they saw Elton’s adorable photo, they were very interested in meeting him. Flash forward and they immediately fell in love when they met precious Elton and decided that they were ready for a puppy, especially since Virginia will be fully retired in a few weeks. Virginia was amazed at how well he was walking on leash when they brought him home. Elton had participated in a few training sessions while at Satchel’s and he has since continued more training sessions at home. Elton loves to walk in and out of his crate, but he is also doing very well being uncrated in the bedroom when they have to be out. Elton has met their six-year-old granddaughter and is doing fantastic interacting with her. He has already been on a road trip to their home in N.C. and had a fantastic time exploring the property safely on long leash. Virginia finds Elton so hilarious and so cute and they are overjoyed that he has joined their family and will grow up with lots of love and adventures!
Elton laid on his dog bed. Elton looking out of the lanai screen.