Wink and Wilma had many dogs throughout the years; the last one having passing about one year ago. They wanted to make a donation to a rescue group and a friend had suggested Satchel’s. At the same time, they decided to look at the dogs on Satchel’s website. They came out to meet Bailey, but decided she had too much energy for them. Although they were looking for an older dog, Michal Anne suggested they meet Duey as he has a wonderfully calm demeanor and they fell for him immediately. Duey was “cat tested” as Wink and Wilma have two cats and he passed with flying colors. Wink and Wilma live on two acres near Phillipi Creek and Duey loves to explore. They trained him from the start by leashing him; walking him around the perimeter of their yard and teaching him to stay away from the creek. Their boat is docked at their property and Duey loves to spend time cruising on the water with them. Callie and Red, his feline siblings have learned to tolerate him and are now sharing the bed with Duey when it’s time to settle in for a good long nap. Wink and Wilma say that Duey is a delight and are thrilled that they were chosen to be his new family!
Duey on the boat with his new mom. Duey in the car with his new dad. Duey laid on the rug. Duey sleeping with his 2 canine siblings close.