Happy Landings for Dingo, now known as Jax! Adoption follow up.
Alteza had been traveling for her job quite a lot and fortunately her daughter was able to care for her two chihuahuas and chiweenie while she was away. When she moved to Florida, her dogs stayed with her daughter and when Alteza found herself missing a canine companion, she knew it was time to adopt. Initially she had found a dog she was interested in but learned that the dog had already been spoken for. She began searching on Petfinder and when she met Dingo she fell in love with this precious little boy. Now known as Jax, he was very timid when she first met him, but he has slowly come out of his shell and has bonded closely with Alteza. He loves being around other dogs, but is still nervous with new people so she takes him out with her as much as possible to help socialize him. Recently Jax accompanied Alteza to brunch where he was able to observe new people from the safety and security of her lap. Alteza says that she feels everything happens for a reason and in its own time and when she met Jax, she understood that it was meant to be. “I knew I had all the love to give a rescue because I feel they need extra love not knowing always what their situation was and Jax was that special one!”