Happy Landings for Delilah!

Gail had lost her dog to cancer about four months ago and she was missing having a canine companion. Gail’s past three dogs had been a standard poodle, and doodle mixes so she never imagined that she would be adopting a pit mix. Gail also has three rescue cats so she needed to adopt a dog who could get along with cats. Gail’s daughter was familiar with Satchel’s dogs as she is a vet tech at Beach Vet and convinced Gail to check out Satchel’s website. When she saw Delilah’s sweet photo on Satchel’s website, she decided to meet her. Gail fell in love with Delilah quickly and when she found out that she had previously lived with a cat, she knew it was meant to be. Delilah is doing fantastic in her new home. Although she doesn’t want the cats near her toys, she gets along well with her feline siblings and is happy to join them sleeping on the bed. Delilah is full of energy and loves playing and swimming at the beach. She also spends one day a week at doggie daycare; gets along great with the other dogs and comes home a very happy and tired girl. Delilah is lucky to have found her forever home with a wonderful family who have discovered the joys of owing a sweet pittie mix!
Delilah swimming at the beach. Delilah going for a car ride. Delilah snoozing on the couch. Delilah sleeping on her bed surrounded by her toys.