Happy Landings for Cooper (now Herkemer), Coral (now Phoebe) and Sophie (now Luna)!

Naomi’s family had rescued a stray cat sixteen years ago from the streets of Miami. Shortly after they brought her home, they learned that she was pregnant and she had a litter of six kittens. Rosie Posie, now 15 years old is the last of the litter and Naomi was ready to adopt a kitten. When Naomi and her family met Sophie, Cooper and Coral, they could not decide which one to choose. Having had lots of experience as a multiple cat family, they opened their hearts and home to all three. Chi Chi, their Chihuahua, a former Satchel’s adoptee, was happy to welcome the newest feline siblings. Luna (formerly Sophie) is the little love bug who is the adventurer and loves to eat. Herkemer (formerly Cooper) is a cuddle bug whose purr is very loud and Phoebe (formerly Coral) is the tiny but mighty kitten, who is sometimes shy, but loves to play and be petted. Although each one has their own precious personality, they are all one big happy family. Luna, Herkemer and Phoebe are very lucky that Naomi and her family tripled their love to keep this sweet little family together!
Cooper, Coral and Luna lounging on the bed with their chi-chi sibling. Cooper on the bed Coral on the bed Sophia on the bed