Happy Landings for Coco (now Bella).

Rita and Bernard had not had a cat in the house for about five years but during the pandemic, they felt that having a cat would be a great comfort. They adopted Beau last year and decided he now needed a buddy as he wanted to play constantly. They wanted another Tuxedo cat and when they met Coco, they fell in love. Now known as Bella, she has been perfect for Beau and they are the most fabulous friends playing and rough-housing throughout the day. Beau is very tolerant of his new sister and when it’s nap time, she sneaks into his favorite sleeping igloo. Although he isn’t quite sure what to make of this, he is a perfect gentleman and allows her to stay. Rita says that Bella is a precious and sweet soul and very loving!
Coco (Bella) posing sitting on the table. Coco (Bella) rollingon the chair