Happy Landings for BunBun (now known at Catty)! Adoption followup.
Amy had both dogs and cats throughout her life but with a young toddler, it had not yet been the right time for a new pet. Fast forward and Amy and her family were finishing dinner at a restaurant nearby Pet Supplies Plus and decided after their meal to stop in for fun. Amy noticed that a cat was in the Satchel’s adoption area and they decided to spend time visiting and interacting with BunBun. Now that their toddler was a little older, everyone agreed it might be a good time to adopt. After thinking it over, everything fell into place and now known as Catty, she is enjoying life with her new family. Their 3-year-old son is learning how to interact with Catty gently and when to give her space and their relationship is growing every day. When Catty wants some feline “alone time,” she has a fantastic large lanai with many places to entertain herself, watch the wildlife or take a long lazy catnap. After a fun filled day, she is very happy to jump into bed snuggling up with her new parents. Another great match and a happy little boy who will have a furry friend to grow up with!