Leia is a gorgeous, 1 year old, gray and white striped tabby with medium length fur. Just look at her beautiful face and markings including black accents. She has a cute little pink nose. She’s very chatty girl and loves being petted. She always wants to be near the humans that are caring for her. You can tell she’s a very happy girl based on her very loud purring. She doesn’t mind being picked up but sitting on your lap is new to her and she is starting to really like it. This girl is a gentle soul. She likes to explore new places, look out the window, and play with wand toys. Leia comes from a home that included cats, dogs and children. She’s hoping she will be in her forever home very soon so she can relax and know that she is safe.
For an appointment to meet Leia, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website, www.satchelslastresort.org, and an adoption counselor will be in touch
Head/face view of Leia laying on her side looking at the camera. Leia laying on a chair, looking at the camera.