Howard’s Satchel’s story written by our Animal Care Supervisor, Lacie.
“We have had many canine and feline friends come in to Satchel’s to later find their forever homes. Some come and leave very quickly, others make their homes here for years at a time. Howard, our precious boy, was one that had been with us for over five years. He came to us from Sarasota County Animal Services, and the rule was not to look Howard in the eyes, since he found it very threatening. I remember walking up to him in his kennel that first day, and just like they said, one look and he was in defense mode. He was, and of course still is, a very handsome boy, but I turned my gaze to the floor, and just sat next to the kennel, waiting for him to calm himself. After just a couple of days, Howard started letting his guard down, and a few of us started seeing him for his true self, a lover that was misunderstood and scared. He became affectionate with us, wanting kisses, and belly rubs. The volunteers that followed Howard to Satchel’s, helped us with getting to know him even further, and soon the Howie fan club started. It was hard not to fall in love with such an enthusiastic and playful guy. He wanted to go wherever his people were, he wanted as many pets as he could get, and he would protect the ones closest to him. He was an all around fantastic companion, but there were still times where his past would bubble to the surface, and those old fears would shine through. He was not a fan of men, and introducing men to him could be challenging, but even some women he found untrustworthy. It had become difficult for him to meet new people, let alone potential adopters. Years passed, all with hope of finding his forever home with people he could trust. After five long years, the couple of our dreams came to visit, and chose Howard as their next best friend. They came to visit Howard every day for a while, determined to show him they were not a threat. That they only had love in their hearts for him. Howard tested them repeatedly, but soon came to realize that they only wanted his love in return. I am so deeply proud and happy with the announcement that our Howard, has finally found his forever home, with some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. He finally got his gold card, and is where he belongs, Happy, loved, and spoiled rotten with his family. Congratulations Howard, though we miss you every day, we are thankful we were able to share our love with you and yours with us, but we could not be happier for you, you deserve it and all the happiness in the world!”
Satchel’s Woof Pack Program for our more difficult dogs and the recent muzzle training we have begun at Satchel’s was a tremendous help in Howard meeting his people and finding his forever. Thank you to his Woof Pack leader, Pam and to the staff and volunteers at Satchel’s who showed Howard so much love for the past 5 years.
Congratulations to Blanton and Carl for opening up your heart and home to give this long timer shelter resident a loving home and family to call his own!
Howard sitting in front of his new and dad in his new home.