LAST WEEK we posted Winston’s story.
Meet adorable Winston. Back in April, Winston was seen running scared in a neighborhood with a severe head injury. Gunther, our cat staff team member at that time, immediately responded to a call put out to help trap this terrified little guy. Winston was trapped and he joined the Satchel’s family. The head injury healed nicely but, unfortunately, Winston tested positive for FIV which meant he couldn’t be housed with the other cats in our open cat room. We had recently taken in Sam, another cat who tested positive for FIV, so the 2 of them were housed in a separate room.
THIS WEEK we said goodbye to Winston as he went to his new forever home. Thank you Lora and family for opening up your heart and home to an FIV-positive kitty, they are so often overlooked. Congratulations Winston, you deserve this loving home after such a rough start to life.