And another of our babies in foster found the perfect home last weekend. Tulip, 13 years old found her way to Satchel’s last month when a past adopter found her wandering alone on several occasions. After doing some checking, it seems sweet Tulip was living with a homeless man who was having difficulty keeping her by his side. For fear of this girl running too far and being hit by a car or eaten by a predator, her owner agreed it would best for her to find a new home. Our past adopter was able to immediately squeeze her into his vet and had all her upfront medical work done, a wonderful foster stepped forward, we got her spayed and a dental to ease her pain from mouth infection and Tulip was ready for a new home. It didn’t take long before Marg met her and Tulip was home again. Thank you to everyone involved in getting this adorable senior off the streets and into a safe, loving, forever home. It takes a village, and thanks to the great Satchel’s supporters, a village was there for Tulip. Enjoy your new life girl! Congratulations to Tulip, Marg and Joanie.