A year ago, one of Satchel’s volunteers heard about a dying man who’s last wish was to find a place for his dog, Nakoma. Afraid, that a 5 year pitbull would be euthanized at many shelters, this terminally ill gentleman couldn’t rest. Through the Satchel’s network, a foster home was found and Nakoma’s person passed away knowing she would be safe. Unfortunately, the foster home didn’t work out for Nakoma and she found herself at our shelter. Nakoma needed medical care which we provided and she became a happy and healthy girl but didn’t care much for other dogs and found the shelter environment a little stressful.
Over the summer, volunteer Sheri started spending time with Nakoma and quickly decided to take her home as a foster to possibly adopt. Nakoma worked out great in the home, is loved by Sheri and her family and is now an official family member.
Thank you so much for adoping this beautiful soul and congratulations to you all!
Sheri (adopter) bending over hugging Nakoma at Satchel's.