And last weekend was sealed with love when it ended with an adoption of one of our long timer, senior cats – Billy Joe. Satchel’s rescued Billy Joe 5 years ago when he was confiscated by animal services – found living in a hoarding situation in a house full of debris, trash, feces and anything that could possibly be found. Guessed to be 9 years old at that time, makes Billy close to 14 now. A shy boy, little chance at adoption as he would hide in one of the cat tree holes in our open cat room which meant he was never seen when potential adopters came looking. Monica read his profile on our website and knew Billy Joe needed to join her family. Billy Joe will get so much love and attention in his new home. He’ll be given time to adjust and get to know his new family, which includes a feline sibling, and may one day decide it’s safe to come out of his cubby hole. Thank you Monica, Ismael and the rest of the family for giving our Billy Joe a place to call home. Congratulations to you all!