Look who came to visit us at Starbucks during the holiday season! It’s Chewie (formerly Chewy). Some of you may remember our boy Chewie as a regular at our off site events in the winter/spring of 2017. Chewie was one of our touch and go puppies who came to us with parvo. After getting through this horrific disease, he became one of our favorites but was a bit of a tough adopt as he clearly knew how to live up to his name. One Saturday morning in April, 2017 Jay came to meet Chewie at Venice Pet Supermarket. It was love at first sight and the rest was history. Jay and Chewie were heading off on a road trip to spend some holiday time with family up north. Chewie’s first road trip and first introduction to snow. We can’t wait to hear how he made out. Thank you Jay for giving this boy a loving, forever home! And thank you for bringing him to our off site so I could see for myself what a happy boy he is!