After 30 days in their new home, we like to follow up and check what our pets have been up to. Thank you to volunteer Judy for our “Happy Landings” updates. Here’s an update on our long time resident, Carson.

Nathaniel had been looking for a dog to keep him company since working from home. The dog whom he had come to meet did not turn out to be the best fit for him so he took a walk through the kennels with a staff member. Nathaniel noticed Carson sitting quietly in his kennel watching him very contentedly and when he offered Carson a treat, he took it very gently. Thereafter, Nathaniel spent time with Carson in the yard playing ball and getting to know him better. Nathaniel and Carson turned out to be a great match and after spending seven years at Satchel’s, Carson at long last moved into his forever home. Nathaniel said that Carson is loving life and is very well trained. They take a long walk first thing in the morning and Carson is by his side supervising most of the day. Two of his favorite activities are playing ball and going for car rides. When Nathaniel has to leave him home, Carson’s crate door is left open and he is always in his crate when Nathaniel returns. Carson recently had his first trip to the dog park and it was a success. He loves meeting Nathaniel’s friends and is also very well behaved around children. When Carson’s busy day is done, he is eager to jump into bed with Dad and stay snuggled up by his side until another new adventure begins the next day. Sounds like Nathaniel and Carson both hit the jackpot!