Happy Landings to Candy Cane – A 30-day follow up.Thank you Judy.
Vicki had been looking for a small female cat. She saw the photos and description of Candy Cane on Satchel’s website, went to meet her and it was the perfect match. Vicki had initially renamed her Cara, but recently changed her name to Lollipop and calls her “Lolli.” She felt this was a fitting name as Lolli will suddenly “pop up” in the most unexpected places. Lolli is loving life in her new home and Mom describes her as a little daredevil. One day she was startled to see Lolli on the highest window sill inside her home, but Lolli seems to be quite confident and an expert at getting up and down. Lolli also loves watching Vicki from the top of the kitchen cabinets, but is very obedient when Mom says “down Lolli.” Although she loves to explore, Lolli also enjoys sunbathing on the lanai and cuddling with Mom. Vicki feels that she is very lucky to have adopted her sweet and precious Lolli!