Just look at these beautiful babies celebrating Valentine’s Day together! It might not have been love at first site for Panda, but it didn’t take long for her to realize what a catch Bones was. Last October, we received a plea from Sarasota County Animal Control to pull 2 dogs that desperately needed to go to rescue soon. At our facility, Bones and Raven were a joy, but finding them a home together was not going to be easy. In late December, one of Satchel’s amazing volunteers fell in love with Raven and knowing how devastating it would be for Bones to be left alone at the shelter, she agreed to hold off on the adoption until the perfect home was also found for Bones. We had hoped to keep them together by adopting them into the same family but it just wasn’t happening. So the hunt for a home for Bones as a single dog started. It didn’t take too long before a family stopped by one afternoon in search of a new family member as a companion for their dog, Panda. As it would happen, a staff member was walking Bones down the driveway at the time and took him over to meet the family. Yes! He was a hit with the family. He’s such a ham, how could he not have been? However, not so fast, seems Panda was a little difficult when meeting new dogs and the family weren’t quite sure if they would ever be able to have a 2nd dog in their home. We, at Satchel’s, don’t give up that easily and with patience and understanding, we were able to make it happen. Day after day, the family would bring Panda to the shelter to work at a slow introduction with Bones. At Satchel’s, we always strive to make the best match we can for adopters, even if it means several visits. The day came when it was decided this was going to work and Bones went home with the family, understanding it might be a slow process to get Panda to accept Bones into her territory. At first, some things were off limits to Bones, but she slowly let him totally into her world and now look, just 4 weeks later, they couldn’t be more happy to have one another. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both! May you live a long, happy, life together.