Blondie Adoption Follow Up

Happy Landings for Blondie (now Zelly) – adoption follow up.
Firoze heard about Blondie from a friend who had shown her a photo on social media and Firoze fell in love with Blondie quickly. Having had a dog in the past with the same shy and fearful temperament as Blondie, Firoze knew that she could help her to feel safe and confident. Firoze is a very patient person and says that Blondie, now known as Zelly, has adjusted very well in her new environment. Zelly is very calm, but also loves to play. She jumps up on the bed each morning to wake Mom with sweet kisses. Firoze works in a very quiet and serene environment and Zelly goes to work with her often which helps with her socialization to new people. She is progressing and learning to understand that not all people are to be feared. Firoze said that she knew the transition to a new home would take time but Love always turns things around. Lucky for Zelly that she has found the perfect Mom to share her life with!