Happy Landings for Howard! Adoption follow up.
When our beloved Hollywood died, we were all so heartbroken.
One day I woke up thinking about Page, the woman who started Satchel’s. We immediately went to donate at Satchel’s and then went on the website for adoptable dogs.
We decided we wanted a dog that couldn’t find a home because of limitations that we didn’t have. Howard was that guy. Beautiful and handsome, the website said he was not so great with strangers.
We met Howard and it was love at first sight. This beautiful meat head still had a piggle wiggle after all these years in a shelter. At first, we realized that this guy had been through a hard life. He wasn’t patient but we were. This guy had a spirit for life.
So, we visited him every day for a week. The gals at Satchel’s suggested a muzzle for us to get to know him without risk. I hope more rescues opt for this route. Howard associated a muzzle with getting to do stuff so he had no problem with it. We got to know him. He started showing interest. He started looking at us with curiosity. On his last night in the shelter we watched the sunset, just the three of us and took off his muzzle. He wanted to be with us. Because of these FANTASTIC ladies, Howard was ready for a home. There are no words for the incredible people at Satchel’s that care for these dogs with their SOULS.
We set up household rules of consistent behavior. We had easy days and less easy days. But not for long, Howard adapted quickly. Howie, as we often call him, loves belly rubs and to “inchworm” between us when we wake up in the morning. When introduced properly, he loves guests. The thing I love the most about Howie is that he wants to love. To tell you we now have a dream dog, is an understatement. He is a loving family companion.
There are amazing and loving animals out there that just need a chance. You open your heart and patience up to one of them and you will have the love of your life.
This happy landings update brought tears to the eyes of staff and volunteers at Satchel’s. Thank you to Blanken and Carl for opening up their hearts and their home to give Howard the retirement life he deserves.
Howard, all smiles, sitting on the couch. Howard sleeping on the bed. Howard being pet by dad on the couch. Howard lounging on the couch.