Congratulations Birch! Birch came to Satchel’s almost 4 years ago. Diagnosed with FIV meant putting him in our open cat room was not an option. He seemed to love being outdoors – we suspect he had always been an outdoor cat – and Mindy, our feral cat, immediately fell in love with him so the decision was made to have Birch be our Satchel’s greeter when people visited and be Mindy’s comfort when no one was around to scare her away. They had all the comforts of home in our large building out front. Unfortunately, recently Mindy passed leaving Birch alone. We thought long and hard about what would be best for Birch at this point. The decision was made to put Birch into a foster home with a volunteer who was fostering another FIV cat for us and see how he adjusted to home life. Birch loves it! He and his new sibling Sam are getting along and he loves his new momma, Janis. Last week Janis made it official and adopted Birch. Thank you so much Janis, and congratulations to you all!