Back in February, this sweet puppy’s former owner took him to Beach Veterinary Clinic where he was diagnosed with bilateral luxating patellas. The surgery was more than the family could handle and so our veterinarian suggested Satchel’s may be able to take ownership of this guy, get him the surgeries he needed and find a wonderful forever home for him. We were able to immediately find a foster home and take in Yukon. One of our volunteers was transporting Yukon to his foster home and decided to stop of at Shark Coast Tactical whose owner, Will, is a big supporter of Satchel’s. Will reached out to his dog loving followers and within 24 hours, the funds had been raised for Yukon’s first surgery. That wasn’t the only good fortunate for Yukon that day. Roger saw the photo of Yukon that Will had posted on FB and immediately fell in love with Yukon and submitted an adoption application. Yukon needed months of medical before adoption so Roger agreed to foster-to-adopt this special boy. The first surgery went well and Yukon was monitored to determined if surgery would be needed on the other knee. More good news came last week, no further surgery needed! Roger was able to official add Yukon to his family. Congratulations Yukon and Roger! Another great story of Satchel’s community coming together.

Yukon posting beside his new dad.