“I had no idea that organizations like Satchels existed until I met one of their volunteers and became a foster parent for Ivy followed by Stitch. Two elderly dogs who in their final years needed to feel safe, be loved and leave this world with dignity.” – John Atkin
There must be many more people like John who have yet to discover Satchel’s.
What is Satchel’s and what does it mean to be a Last Resort? What happens at Satchel’s that is so different that so many last chance dogs and cats find their way into permanent loving homes?
This short movie attempts to answer those questions by showing behind the scenes footage of some of the people at Satchel’s doing what they do multiple times a week, if not every day. It’s 11 minutes – perhaps a lifetime in today’s world, but please find some time to watch it, and do share the link with as many people as you can across all of your social media pages! It’s important for us that people get to know just what Satchel’s is all about, especially those who’ve never heard of us, but who use YouTube to discover great shelters to support.
As many of you already know, shelters like Satchel’s contribute significantly to making true no kill happen by accepting dogs and cats that would, in most cases, be euthanized. We then give them the time and training to work through their issues so that they can move on to the next best chapter of their lives.
This short movie is on YouTube and can be accessed by clicking below
https://youtu.be/rRZkZxK1vdU. Thank you to John Atkin, Internet Marketing Sarasota and James L. Flynn, InterMedia Productions for the producing of this video.
Thank you for viewing and spreading the word! And remember Satchel’s is also home to 20+ cats. A video of the cat care provided by Satchel’s will be available soon.
Arthur standing in his wheelchair