Last week, we had to say goodbye to another Satchel’s family member. Neka came to Satchel’s in 2010, left in a crate at the end of our driveway in the blazing heat. Thank goodness our mailman alerted us she was there, otherwise this poor girl might have died out in that heat. Neka was dog reactive but adored people and immediately found a home. Unfortunately, for Neka, the pit bull myth stole her home away when the in-laws decided that a pit bull would not be allowed to live in the same house as their new grandchild. So Neka found herself back at Satchel’s. After a few years of our unsuccessful search for a new adopted home, a foster stepped up and invited Neka into her home. For over 4 years, Neka was treated like a princess in Violet’s home. Old age crept up on Neka and some days were a struggle but Violet continued to provide the love and care Neka needed to keep her pain free and happy. As happens with all of us, Neka got weaker and more tired as the days passed, and last week she let Violet know she was too tired to fight anymore and we all knew it was time to let her peacefully pass. Neka was guessed to be 14-15 years old and had an amazing last 4 years of her life. She had so many old friends from Satchel’s stop by her home to say their goodbyes and she was with the one she loved most in this world, Violet, as we helped her cross that rainbow bridge. Run free Neka. You were a special girl who will never be forgotten.