Last week was a sad week for everyone at Satchel’s. We lost our boy Junior (JR). We rescued Junior from Sarasota County Animal Services 10 years ago. Having been surrendered with an embedded collar made Junior very sensitive to anyone touching his neck. Those of us who knew and loved Junior for all these years got nothing but love in return from him. He was a happy boy who considered Satchel’s his home and all the staff and volunteers his family. Several months ago, after quite some time of poor health, we felt the end was very near for Junior and staff member Lacie took him home to live his final days in a loving home. As is often the case when a terminal animal finds love in a foster home, weeks turned to months – many months.

Following is a tribute to Junior from Lacie, his very special friend who was with him until the end:
“Junior (JR) passed at around seven or eight yesterday morning. He went peacefully in his bed, surrounded by comfort and love. June Bug was said to be about thirteen, with a multitude of health problems. Not one time did he ever stop trying to live a full life. He had a fiery spirit that followed him his entire life and was the definition of determination . He was everything you could want in a best friend, loyal, a protector, a guardian, mentor, honest to a tee, ridiculously funny with more love in his heart than you could ever imagine. He showed that no matter what the circumstance, no matter the hurt the world has thrown at you, that you stand up, keep going and love those important to you. I feel so honored and blessed to have had him with me and to have gotten to know and gain the trust of an incredible old man that made my life so full of love. We started with simple walks around the yard to belly rubs and the best of all, kisses. Thank you June, for everything. You were the toughest, most stubborn, most beautiful little bear of a dog ever and you will be so very, very missed. I swear I can still hear you snoring bubbers, I love you.”

Thank you Lacie. Junior, you will be missed by everyone who knew you. RIP sweet, sweet, boy. Until we meet again…