We say goodbye to Jackman

Jackman came to us in February when his prior home could no longer care for him. We didn’t know how much time he had left on this earth but we wanted to make sure that his last few days were the best they could be. He was nearly 17 years old and severely emaciated upon intake. However, he had one of the sweetest temperaments and we knew he deserved a chance.
We quickly took Jackman to the vet and discovered that he had hyperthyroidism and was in renal failure. He was started on thyroid medication, SQ fluids, and a prescription renal diet. He seemed to be thriving. Jackman put on two pounds once his thyroid disease was regulated. He was one of the easiest cats to work with and took his medications easily. We began to search for a home that would continue his medical treatments and show this cat the same love that he showed everyone he met.
We took Jackman in for a recheck. Outwardly he seemed to be doing well. He had a good appetite and was continuing to gain weight. However, when our vet did his exam, she heard some abnormalities in his lung sound. Radiographs revealed that Jackman’s chest had begun to fill with fluid and bloodwork revealed that he was anemic. She gave us the surprising news that she suspected an underlying cancer. She recommended euthanasia because the fluid in his chest would eventually suffocate him. Diuretics were not an option with his renal disease. We had to say goodbye to a cat that became a dear friend in the short time we knew him.
We don’t always get the outcome we desire. We hoped for more time with Jackman and a home to call his own. However, certain animals touch our lives and Jackman certainly touched the people who got to know him. Despite all of his health issues, he continued to show such love and affection.
RIP sweet boy, your loving welcome will be missed dearly at Satchel’s.