Give Ginger and Taylor a heart!

Do you have a heart for Ginger and Taylor this Valentine’s Day? This bonded, senior pair (ages 13 and 10 years old, respectively) joined the Satchel’s family a few weeks ago. Ginger is recovering from surgery where she had a 10 lb fatty mass removed. She’s feeling good after losing that 10 lbs! They are both great dogs, love people and don’t seem bothered by other dogs. This easy going pair are waiting for you at Satchel’s! A $25 donation for each dog will get them hearts on their kennel and 1 month of heartworm preventative while they wait for their forever home to come their way. $50 will provide 3 months of preventative or $75 will give keep them heartworm free from 6 months.
Donate at Satchels Last Resort Inc – Share Your Heart with a Shelter Pet! (