Hello friends and volunteers, Cara and Sugars here to remind you that Thanksgiving is coming up and we kitties at Satchel’s can always use a good meal. I don’t think we’ll be getting anything special for our Thanksgiving dinner – something about diarrhrea of 20 cats in the open cat room seems to cause some concern to staff, but maybe some special treats or catnip will be allowed… We eat Purina One dry food and Friskies wet food if you want to stick to the “rules” here.

Also, while you are shopping for us, remember to purchase a few items for your local (human and feline) food banks. We’re lucky to have good meals at Satchel’s but not every person or kitty has such good fortune.

If you’d like to meet Cara or Sugars or any of the other cats at Satchel’s Last Resort, please email adoptions@satchelslastresort.org or call 941-924-5070.