Meet Tank, Dog of the Month for February.
Happy Valentine’s everyone! Tank is my name and I’m a one man army of love! I am about five years old, and have been told I remind people of Disney’s Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I am very affectionate with a huge heart, and always welcoming people and animals to join me in play. I LOVE toys, all toys, I have even been known to steal a kennel mates toys from time to time, but all in good fun! I am always ready to play, so much that I went to an agility session (6 classes) with one of my best friends. I did wonderfully with jumps, and all the obstacles, but I have to admit the best parts were the treats after each accomplishment! I adore big comfy blankets, cuddling up with the closest person, and I make an excellent TV companion. I think I’d be okay with a canine companion but I’d have to meet him/her first. And I didn’t mind the cats here when someone introduced me to them. I’m an all in one package, with looks that will steal your heart and a personality to melt it. Please come visit me and all my friends here at Satchels Last Resort and with any luck, find your next furever Valentine!