Special Needs Kitty Pumpkin

Our special needs kitty, Pumpkin, is ready to move on to his forever home. Pumpkin was born with Wobbly Cat Syndrome, or Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which is a disorder where the cerebellum of the brain is not fully formed, giving sufferers an unsteady gait. Pumpkin has been in a foster home for the past 6 weeks learning how to do things for himself. He has learned how to use the litter box, drink and eat. He sleeps in his little secured hut with his big puppy dog and blankies.
The words that best describe little Pumpkin are adorable, fun, smart, curious, loving and adventurous! He loves to play and explore, take kitty cat naps then play and explore some more. He enjoys cuddling in short intervals but then it’s back to playing! Pumpkin entertains himself well with toys and loves to climb on his climbing toy. He can leap in the air and get himself moving very fast, even can get from room to room…no couch potato here. Pumpkin would enjoy the company of another cat. He’s gotten much stronger and has achieved so much more physical abilities in the short time he’s been in foster. Pumpkin is 5 lbs of beautiful soft blonde and golden fur with a long ringed in gold tail…just a total, fun love bug who will make you smile every day. The little bit of extra care he needs is well worth all the love and happiness Pumpkin will bring to his forever home. For an appointment to meet Pumpkin, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website, www.satchelslastresort.org, and an adoption counselor will be in touch.