THERE IS A WAITING LIST of dogs and cats trying to get into Satchel’s. We get at least 10 – 15 requests every. single. day. from people needing to rehome their pets. There are a lot of reasons: death or sickness of the owner, financial problems, higher rents in this area, landlord issues, HOA issues – or most often, the dog’s or cat’s behavior in the home is unacceptable.
It is heartbreaking because we probably could help every dog and cat whose owners want to surrender them, but to give the dogs and cats we already have the attention they deserve, we either have to say no or put them on a list where the wait is usually months.
We’re doing the best we can and most of you understand because you’re in this with us by supporting our mission – we couldn’t help those we’ve already taken in without you. However, the world outside of rescue doesn’t know the extent of the problem.
There are many ways to be a voice for the animals – please help people outside your close circle of friends understand that animal shelters are overflowing and that some owners of companion animals with problems are simply going to have to figure out how to make it work. We offer suggestions – things that we all do, on our surrender page and do the same for all who call.
Almost every friend I have has an imperfect pet that they think is perfect – most often because of changes they’ve made to their own lives.
Cartoonish graphic of many dogs and cats.