Kaylea, our longest term resident at Satchel’s, would love to get her very own sponsorship to travel the world in September. Kaylea came to Satchel’s in June of 2011 with her brother Kane. Both dogs were extremely feral but learned to enjoy a roof over their head and the love of staff and volunteers. Kaylea lost her brother, Kane, last year but has since been paired up in her kennel with Coasta. They go out to our large yard together several times a day and love the long yard playtime. Kaylea has learned to trust a few volunteers and happily takes their treats when they spend time with her.
You won’t find Kaylea on our website, as she is not looking for another home – her home is at Satchel’s and we all love her.
Visit https://satchelslastresort.org/take-a-satchels-dog-or…/ for more information on how to take an Armchair Vacation with Kaylea.
Kaylea laying on her bed in her kennel looking at the camera.