Are you aware that Satchel’s is a sanctuary as well an adoption center – Satchel’s Last Resort Animal Shelter and Sanctuary? When we take in a dog or cat, we commit to that animal for life. If the perfect home isn’t found, Satchel’s becomes their forever home.
We rely on our “Heros” to help us provide care for our long time residents. $100 a month provides basic care for a sanctuary dog.
Colt is a young boy who will be with us for many years. He enjoys life in his large bachelor pad kennel filled with blankets and toys, his special staff friends who spend one-on-one time with him every day, and running in our acre-plus yards.
To sponsor Colt during our “Hearts for Healing” campaign donate at…/satchels-last-resort/ and have your donation doubled. Write “BOH – Colt” in the notes section. $100 Heroes signing up for recurring donations this month will be sent one of our newly designed t-shirts.
Colt in the yard looking at the camera. Colt giving a "shake a paw" to a staff member (only Colt in the picture). Colt with a blanket in his mouth laying on his bed in his kennel. Colt in his kennel, many toys and blankets in the background.