Meet Sam. Several years ago, this outdoor kitty started showing up at someone’s home and the lady starting feeding him. After a short time, she took him into her home and they became inseparable. As the lady got older and weaker, Sam never left her side, sleeping with her day and night. Unfortunately for Sam, the time came when his person was taken into a home and Sam had to be left behind. With nowhere else to go, Sam found himself alone in the home with neighbors stopping over to feed him. When we heard about this, we immediately went into action to rescue this handsome guy. Off to the vet he went, and as is often the case with big ole tom cats who have lived outside, he tested positive for FIV. This disease is not a killer and Sam can live a good long life but, unfortunately, not in our open cat room or in a home with healthy cats. He needs to be an only cat or share his accommodation with other FIV cats. We don’t know how old he is, but are guessing perhaps around 10. If you’re looking for an only cat or currently have an FIV positive kitty and are wanting to take another one into your home, please email or call 941-924-5070 for an appointment to meet Sam.