And the next successful foster story of the week is Rocco. Another young, energetic boy who found himself at Satchel’s as he thought he was the boss in his home and could no longer be managed. After spending a short time in a foster home, we thought we’d found a great forever home for him, but he quickly became protective of one of the family members and he was returned. He went back into the foster home with all his canine siblings and we saw none of that behavior. Another month or so went by and we again adopted him out – this time with another dog in the hopes his previous bad behavior wouldn’t resurface with the companionship of a doggie brother. Well, his protective streak again came out and he found himself back in his foster home – a home in which he appeared to be happy and well behaved, but unfortunately not a home in which he could permanently stay. So the hunt started again, this time for a family of 1 adult and 1 dog. We received over 50 applications to adopt Rocco and diligently reviewed each application looking for what seemed like the perfect match. A little over a week ago, Rocco went home with Ruth and Skipper and by all accounts it seems this is finally the perfect home for him. Nine days later, Ruth is totally in love with Rocco and through consistent basic training Rocco is learning who is in charge. Thank you Ruth, congratulations to both you and Rocco!
We are so careful about our adoptions, and we review all applications until we feel we’ve found the right home, but Rocco’s story just goes to show that dogs react very differently in each home. Satchel’s always takes our pets back, whether it’s a day, a week, a month, a year or 15 years. Our pets will always find safe haven with us if needed.