Earlier this week are hearts were broken for the second time in less than a week when we had to say goodbye to another one of our long term residents, Devo. Devo came to Satchel’s over 9 years ago. Although still just a young boy, he and his brother had lived a tough life that probably seemed like forever to them. Both boys were emaciated and were heavily infected with heartworms. Unfortunatey, Devo’s brother was just too sick and wasn’t able to fight the heartworms, but Devo showed his will to live and fought the painful battle through heartworm treatment. Satchel’s became Devo’s home, he was loved dearly by staff and volunteers but an adoptive home just didn’t come his way. Devo found himself again in a battle for his life just over a year ago when he was diagnosed with a severe heart condition. He continued to show his strength and fight for quite some time, but the past couple of months got progressively worse and a couple of weeks ago, we knew his time on this earth was almost at an end. Wanting to give Devo a dying memory of a loving home, volunteer Angela and her family took him into fospice in their home. He passed away peacefully in Angela’s arms in the early morning hours on Monday. Here’s a tribute from staff membr Lacie, followed by a tribute from Angela.
From Lacie: Devo (Devotion) was and will always be a legend here at Satchel’s. He was a real smooth character with an old soul that melted your heart like a beautiful blues song. He was a prankster, letting you think you could catch him, then taking off, psyching us all out. He would help dig deep holes and then hide in them, giving numerous frights thinking we had lost him, only to find his head slightly sticking out. We will miss you sir, and we hope you get all the wet food your little heart desires! We love you Devo. Thank you for all the love and all the laughs.
From Angela: Devo aka “my Buster Brown Baby” as I would call him, was with us only a couple of weeks but he fit into our family very easily. He was great with our dogs and loved the walks in our neighborhood. He had some fun times even though his time with us was short. Swimming in our pool with my son, and car rides in the convertible, to simple things like looking out the window from his bed or hanging out in the back yard rolling in the grass. My sweetest times were when he was chilling in my bed and would scoot over so he could rest his head on my chest. I wished we had at least one more week because I planned to take him to the dog beach. I would have loved for him to smell the salty air and see a sunset. But I believe he is now resting peacefully, running, exploying and enjoying his freedom. I’ll miss you bud.
RIP in sweet baby, you’ll be loved by many forever.