It was a sad week for all of us at Satchel’s this past week when we had to say goodbye to our girl Nalah who had called Satchel’s her home for over 2 years. Nalah had insulin-resistant diabetes and we weren’t able to provide her with any relief from her pain.
Here’s a tribute to Nalah from Animal Care Supervisor, Lacie.
“There is something about meeting an “old soul”. Everyone has come across someone who brings warmth, kindness, and a certain wisdom that seems almost like they have always been there. We found one of those kind old souls in our Nalah. All it took was one look in her deep brown eyes to know she had seen her fair share of the world. Nalah had the most amazing fur, looking jet black till the sun hit, then you could see this gorgeous brick red come through. Though she could be hard and stern in her ways, she was all love deep down. She drew people in with her playfulness, showing everyone the old girl still knows new tricks. Her biting the leash and basically walking herself anywhere you went. Meg finding out how much she loved chasing the large red ball in the yards. Her doing everything she could to go see Mike, knowing a car ride, food and good company were instore. She had tricks. She loved laying in the shade of the trees in the yards with her volunteers, pets always welcome, treats too. She is loved by so many, and we will all continue to love her and remember her as the beautiful and remarkable “old soul” that she was.”
RIP sweet girl. We are all so fortunate to have you in our lives and you will be missed greatly. You’ve struggled the last few months, but now you can run again, full of energy and pain free.

Nalah sitting in the yard at Satchel's, looking at the camera. Head shot of Nalah, showing her beautiful eyes. Nalah sitting in the back of a vehicle, patiently waiting for her car ride. Nalah being loved on by volunteer Tami.