RIP Sweet Macho!

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of a long time Satchel’s canine family member. Our boy Macho or Macho Man as he was called by all who loved him. Macho was pulled from Sarasota County Animal Services in the summer of 2015. As well as testng positive for Heartworm, Macho had skin issues which affected the hair around his eyes, leaving little hair in that area. It took many visits to the vet, trying different meds, but eventually we found the right combination of treatments to made it managable.
Here’s a tribute from Animal Care Supervisor, Lacie.
“Macho was and always will be, a very beloved member of our Satchel’s family. Macho was never one to hide his true self, he let you know where you stood with him. He had the BEST smile, and I loved it when he would roll on his back, give you a big smile, and hope you would just stay with him, or be cute to get out of his meds. He was notorious for pulling pranks on the staff, playing catch me if you can. Even though I would call him a grumpy old man, he was always happy when seeing the ones he loved, big smile and circles. Macho was a one of a kind dog, with a beautiful soul that would snatch anyone’s heart, which is why we are going to miss you so much Macho Man, we love you and miss you, and we thank you for bringing joy and laughs and comfort to so many of us and thank you Violet for giving him that same love at home.”
Macho was always overlooked when adopters inquired so last June staff member Violet decided to foster Macho to see how he behaved in a home and hopefully find this boy his forever home. Macho hadn’t been feelng himself for several weeks now and this past weekend he struggled with a swollen lymph node. Yesterday, he let Violet know it was his time to go from this world and Violet helped him cross over the rainbow bridge, holding him while he took his last breath. Machoman may not have found his forever home but he was home with Violet and to him that was his forever home.
Here’s a few words from Macho’s foster mom, Violet.
“From the moment I brought Macho home, there was always laughter and love. He would take my shoes out of the closet and put them on the rug or take all of his toys out of his basket right after I put them in. Barking during my zoom calls or squeaking his toys, I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m so grateful to have shared pictures of him and videos of his antics with everyone so they could see how lucky I was. Although our time together was not long enough, I made sure that it was the best time that we had together. I will miss you Machoman. Please consider fostering a senior dog or cat to make their life complete as well as yours.”
RIP sweet, sweet boy.