“We are with heavy hearts here at Satchel’s, saying goodbye to one of the most legendary pups to ever cross our threshold, Mickey. A true king among canines. He left an impression on all those that met him, even if you only came to Satchel’s one time. He was powerful in his young age, and displayed his strength in everything he did. He was the type to make you work for affection, but once that bond of trust was made, you were his friend for life. I personally had to learn his itchy spots, his neck and chest, and spend weeks repeating the same steps every day, till the day came when he let me know we were friends. He was full of life and spirit, wanting to play for hours, and spend as much time outside as he could. I will always remember the struggle of trying to get him in from the yards and chasing him around when he was feeling especially playful. He gained special bonds with two of our Satchel’s members, going on car rides, long walks and exploring new places. Mickey, even later in years, always had a sense of pride about him, not wanting too much help, and doing things his way as much as he could. We will all miss him terribly, and my heart breaks for his closest friends for they knew him better than any of us. We hope to see you again someday, at the rainbow bridge, where we can once again see you in all your magnificent beauty. We love you Mickey, always and forever.”
Thank you Lacie for this beautiful tribute to our special boy Mickey. Mickey you had a long, happy life at Satchel’s and were loved by so many. Rest in peace sweet baby.
Mickey sitting looking handsome looking at the camera. Mickey sitting, tongue out, in the passenger seat of the car. Mickey sitting, looking sideways. Mickey laid in the seat of a car.