Ilean joined the Satchel’s family with her brother, Wilbur, in 2013. We were unable to find the perfect home for this bonded pair and so they called Satchel’s their home enjoying the many car rides and walks they received from staff and volunteers. Not to mention the late night escapes over the fence to chase the cows across the road… Big brother, Wilbur, left this world and Ilean in 2017 and, although we’re sure Ilean missed him, she knew it was his time and she continued to enjoy life receiving double the love. When Ilean was diagnozed with cancer in 2020, she went into fospice with staff member, Kris, for what we believed to be her final weeks with us. Ilean passed away 2 weeks ago.
Here’s a tribute from Ilean’s foster, Kris.
Every cliche term about what a beautiful and charismatic dog could be written about Ilean and it would be true and from the heart. She was such a gentle soul, she loved everyone and everything once I brought her home. August 20, 2020 we were told she only had a few weeks left, and Sept 8, she came home with me. Ilean far surpassed any date they made for her, she beat a rare parathyroid cancer at home with me, saw many other fosters and Fospice dogs come and go through our home. She always greeted them nicely and didn’t mind the company of our retirement home. Ilean was a wonder dog, she came home, got comfy and decided she was staying for as long as she could. She made it 2 and a half years, she was determined to enjoy the life she deserved and that she did. All our friends loved Ilean and spoiled her with gifts, strollers, wheelchairs and everything possible to make her life as long as she wanted it to be. She never gave up on anything, that stubborn Bulldog half of her kicked in and I’m so thankful she didn’t want to leave me, this earth or her friends for as long as she did. I cherished every day and I still cherish every moment Ilean gave her love to me. Princess Pumpkin Baby Ilean was her official name and she lived up to it. She was and always will be the queen in our home. Wilbur will be lucky to have her back with him, but her earthy brother Kimbo and I will miss her dearly for as long as we live without her. I carried her to the end I will carry her with me to mine like many of us will. She was the best dinner date, cuddliest one to sleep with and my sweetest potato. I miss you so much Ilean.. you are thought about everyday. “Come On Ilean” plays everyday at work now and they tell me you’re just saying hi and you love me, so “Hi baby girl, I love you too”.
Ilean you were loved by many during your 7 years at Satchel’s. RIP sweet girl and run free again with Wilbur.
Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who filled Ilean’s life with love and a special thank you to Kris for showing her the world for the last 2+ years of life.
Ilean head hanging out of her stroller. Ilean laid on a chair. Ilean laid in bed. Ilean laying on the water's edge.