It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our sweet senior girls in foster – Angie. Angie came to Satchel’s, found as a stray, in the summer of 2018. When no one came looking for this old, blind and almost deaf dog, Animal Services immediately reached out to us to help get this girl into a safe place. Luckily, a foster family was available to give this sweet and scruffy special-needs girl a safe place to crash.

Following is a tribute from her foster mom Stefanie.
Angie’s special needs condition would have exaggerated her trauma, leaving her with trouble trusting a new family and causing her difficulty adjusting. We quickly realized what it meant to take care of a blind, deaf, old dog who had just been through abandonment. No social cues – no tail wagging, no happy dance. But with love and understanding, Angie finally made herself at home and became comfortable in our home. As part of her daily routine, Angie loved to follow our family blindly on the leash for short walks in our neighborhood, half distance walking, half being pushed in her stroller. She held her nose up high, taking in all the scents and the breeze, mostly standing up in her stroller, looking like a little lioness. Angie had turned into a happy and spunky dog, getting excited when she realized she was going for a walk or when we would snuggle with her. Angie loved gourmet home-made meals with chicken. When her belly was full, she rolled over in her doggy bed making happy grunting noises. This was how her days had become and she was such a happy little old lady.

Sadly, she started to slow down over the last few weeks, but she was stubborn and determined to keep up with her daily routine. The last week, her appetite declined and she became restless, wandering around the house. Last Friday evening, I decided it was time for Angie to be seen by our vet to see if we could help her. I had planned to make the call the next morning. Angie, herself, knew it was time. After her last potty break, she stopped fighting, collapsed in the kitchen and died in my arms, held and comforted until she took her last breath.

Angie will be dearly missed by all of us at Satchel’s and especially by her foster family. She was such a special girl teaching us so much. What a lucky coincidence, we had a foster home available for Angie when she needed it and we all got the privilege to get to know and care for her.
Fly high with the Angels, little lioness!
Rest in Peace sweet girl.