Pouncer came to us a little over a year ago with 2 siblings when their person passed away. A little aloof in the cat room, she was often overlooked by potential adopters. A couple of weeks ago Avery found a home with a loving family. Wanting a second cat, Aspen and her son came back to Satchel’s to see who else might be a match for their family. Pouncer caught their eye and she let them know she would be happy to join their family and so, last week, she said goodbye to the other cats in our open cat room and joined Avery. Pouncer and Avery were not “friends” in the cat room but are now learning to live together. An update from Aspen tells us they have each found their place and their people in their new home and all is well. Thank you so much to Aspen and her family for taking these 2 babies into their home. Congratulations to you all!